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Lets talk about Batmas.
I know that everyone is aware of Batmas, whether your observant or non-observant.Think back to when you were but a child, did not one of the first songs you learned in school begin with the lyrics "Jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg. Batmobile broke a wheel and the joker got away."
Now this common example of what is referred to as Western-Reformed Batmania, handles the concepts of good and evil, of light and dark in very sugar coated way. Contrasting color schemes, masks, the bane of technology, as well as pungent aromas are dealt with in their own turn.
However, when one searches farther back into the Batmanian history one discovers that in the dark days of the Sumerian past Batmas was all about sacrifice. Now at the time it was understood that darkness was scary because you really did not know what was going on, and generally you were happier that way. It was noted that your chances of surviving the darkness were better if you had a roof over your head and a stone wall at your back.
Which is why the people who lived near the Tigris river, in what is now the south east Anatolian region of Turkey, dwelt in the caves.
What else dwells in caves? Why bats of course. Which leads us to that trusted scientific statistic that states "10 million kids are eaten by bats every second." A little conservative if you ask me.
Well needless to say, those individuals and organizations practicing Eastern-Orthodox Batmania, historically suspected what science has now proven. Which is part of the reason why in the mid 20th century the city of Batman was formed in this region, and near simultaneously missionaries began preaching the Batly Word in North America and from there around the globe.
Sure, there were translation errors that led to religious schisms, but that's all he said, she said.
But enough religion for now, remember if you reading this your one of the lucky few the Bats did not get.
See you next week same bat time, same bat channel.
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So where does this put us in 5, 10 or twenty years? Exhibitionism and voyeurism on the rise? A generation from now will travel restrictions like this redefine what it means to be a prude? Will we end up with different moral codes and comfort zones among the people who have been reular travelers and those who don't travel at all?